Let’s Go to Bed

Is there a flag that flies above your heart
and is my name writ there upon it?
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Her // Spike Jonze, 2013

Kurt Cobain on set in Hollywood filming the ‘Come As You Are’ music video. Special thanks to photographer: John Gannon.

Where is a nice boy who will cuddle and kiss me please and say things like ‘you have really nice eyes’ and sleep next to me and still be there in the mornings.

I’m in love. With a book. It’s all I can think about, before I go to sleep it’s the final thing on my mind. I grab it as soon as I wake up. I try to remember it’s words when I’m without it. I got it bad.


Chimamanda Adichie, why she kicks ass:
She’s an award-winning author and promoter of African literature. 
She incorporates her experiences as a black feminist Nigerian in her writing and raises awareness about how  harmful generalizations can be particularly with issues like racism and sexism.